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Split in the middle

Just updated to is a new set of pictures and a video of my sweet sexy ass in this cute outfit.  I know you will enjoying watching me strut my stuff in these tiny panties and cute white shirt.  So get over to and love what you see.

Too wide for the pictures

updated at are new pictures and video of me playing in the pool.  This black suit was said to make my hips and ass smaller but check out this newest update. I don't think there is anything that can make my ass look smaller and I'm sure that I do not want it to look smaller.  So if you love this big fat ass and wobbly thighs, then get to and check me out.

Perfect pear in High heel…

just updated at is a hot video and picture set of me struting my stuff in this hot Cowboys jersey and high heels.  If you have imagined how shaky my ass is when I walk then this update is just for you.  There is lots of movement is these huge thighs and hips.  So get on over to and check me out…

Big numbers on the tape measure

updated at is a new set of pictures of me and my best friend playing around with my extra long tape measure.  WOW did we discover I have some really huge numbers on this big fat beautiful body.  So if you love to see big numbers in sexy motion then please roll on over to and check out my newest update.

Sexy lingerie on a perfect pear just updated a new set of pictures and video of my sexy fat ass in some very tight lingerie. So if you love to see a sexy wide ass and tiny waist you will love this newest update. I love to show off my beautiful assets only at

Its getting hot in the kitchen

at in a brand new set of picture of my hot flabby ass cooking some soft fluffy biscuts.  Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up to fresh soft buttery rolls every morning then you must get on over to and check out these pictures.  There is so much soft velvety fluff you will get lost.

My body is a playground

Just updated to and video and picture set of me being super silly on a nearby playground.  I climbed up the stairs and played on the swings and had lots of fun.  So if you wanna see this super sized fat ass hoping and skipping then come on to and enjoy.

Outstanding public car wash half naked pear

Yes thats right.. at I updated some AWSOME pictures and VIDEO of me in this sexy "workout" outfit that barely covers my huge ass,  washing my car.  Yes it is a public car wash but I was feeling so hot and pearlike in this sexy ass outfit that I was hoping to stop nearby traffic.  I hope I just stop traffic and not your heart.  Come to and check out this perfect pear.

Dancing or Twist and Shout

Just updated to is a new video of me and my good friend dancing around in different stages of undressed.  So if you like to see a hot sexy pear shaped woman getting down on the dance floor come on over to and check out this newest update.  This video will put some get up in go in your … Pants. 

Little black dress… It is now

At I updated a new set of pictures of me in this lbd.. little black dress.  The dress appeared to be big enough before I put it on but once I got it over my enormous hips and thighs it is very short.  So if you love to see a sexy woman in a skin tight dress.. I mean so skin tight it is almost see through in the sun, then come on over to and check out this latest update..


come on over to and check out my new set of pictures and video.  I just got this sexy clingy red dress and I love how fat my ass looks in it.  My hips must measure a mile wide at the biggest point. they are super huge!  I also added a video of me smoothing my soft fat ass and wide hips with lots of creamy lotion.  So if you're in the mood to see me put my hands in some deep rolls, come on over to

G-string got lost in all this..

OMG my g string for lost in all this ass.  I updated some great new pictures of my sexy fat ass in the tiniest pair of panties I could find at  thank goodness I could fill them on my big fat ass because they are very hard to find.  So if you love a huge ass and wide hips with lots of dimples, come on over to and enjoy.

New bikini for this wide ass just updated lots of pictures of me in my new bathing suit.  I am sure you will agree that my wide hips really stretch this size to the max.  I got the biggest size they had in the store so I hope you come over to and enjoy the new view.

Moving and shaking my fat ass

just updated at lots of pictures and video of me trying to play a dance like WII game.  So there is lots of my fat ass moving around as I try to dance and win this game.  As you may imagine, my super sized fat ass just got in the way of me winning.  So come on over to and be a voyeur as I lose it.. 

With this ass.. who needs big tits.

just updated at new pictures of my sweet ass.  I have the most amazing ass that I don't want to take any attention away from it with my tits. Therefore if you love to see a huge sexy fat ass that has lots of giggle, come over to and love these new pictures.

Shiny and shimmery and looking bigger???

Ever been asked "does this make me look fat"  well I NEVER ask that because I already know the answer.  I have a lot to show you at  This beautiful drape makes my ass look just exactly how big it really is… HUGE.  So shimmy on over to and check out this big beautiful ass for yourself.

Custom made jeans??

I updated at so very sexy pictures of me in my skin tight jeans. I have to struggle so hard to get these jeans on over my big fat ass that I have to lay flat on the bed and not even exhaling until they are buttoned up. Please come on over to and check out my new pictures.

Wide load~~

So I went to the gym to get in a few squats and my fat ass barely fit on the darn seat.  I did have a camera to catch all the action and updated video and pictures at  I really didn't know exactly how big my ass was until I saw this picture and you can't even tell there is a seat under my huge ass.  So run on over to and check out motion of the ocean.

BIG ASS back to the web.

Hey I just opened my site at with lots of pictures and videos for you to enjoy.  You will just have to love a big wide ass.  I know it is my very best feature so I show it off a lot.  So if you wanna see some hot dimples on a fat ass then is the place to go.