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Sweet Adeline’s Big, Beautiful Belly

Come see how my growing body is really blossoming this week at

Every part of me is getting bigger, but my tummy is getting especially round and luscious!

Come see for yourself



Sweet Adeline in Steamy Bubble Bath!

Hey Guys!

I know I haven't updated lately, but I was slaving away in Florida to bring you all some sexy new goodies! :p
This brand new set features me in my birthday suit taking a relaxing bubblebath and it includes a sexy new bathtime video I know you will enjoy. Come get soapy with me at


Sweet Adeline is a Musical Muse

Join me this week on
where I show off my giant curves
and my green guitar.
I think I'm really growing into my body,
but you should come see for yourself ;)


Sweet Adeline is a Kitchen Cutie

Come see this adorable update
where I prance around in my kitchen for you.
First, I start off in a cute vintage-inspired dress, but
it doesn't take long before I decide to start showing you what's underneath!
Exclusively at

Sweet Adeline is a Country Cutie

This week come watch me embrace the country life in my knotted up flannel and my daisy dukes. I loved showing off my growing body in this countryside inspired outfit. I think it really shows off how big my belly (and the rest of me!) is getting! It also features a sexy outdoor strip-tease! :D
Exclusively at

Sweet Adeline’s Itty Bitty Shark Suit

Hey guys!
Come watch me play in my super tiny shark onesie
It used to fit me perfectly three months ago,
but now I can barely fit my growing body into it.
Exclusively at:

Sweet Adeline in Fatty in Floral

Hey Guys! This week's set features me in some glamour shots outdoors. I'm ready for summer in my new too-tiny pink shorts.They'll be perfect for the hot weather. I love the way my big belly just spills over the top of them. I hope you like it, too! Exclusively at


Sweet Adeline is a Big Babydoll

I got this adorable red babydoll recently, and I thought it would be perfect to show off my big belly. I was so right. And the bra is so small that I'm practically falling out of it! (: Come see for yourself at

GRAND OPENING-VaVaVoomBBW’s Sweet Adeline is purrfectly plump

I'm a curvy kitty in this brand new photoset for my Grand Opening on Come check out this set and more of me showing off my sexy. fat figure exclusively at

GRAND OPENING-VaVaVoomBBW’s Sweet Adeline loves Cupcakes in the Kitchen

My favorite foods are all sweets. And I especially love cupcakes. Come watch me indulge myself in this sexy update.

GRAND OPENING-VaVaVoomBBWs Sweet Adeline is a gamer girl

I do love my Xbox, but retro video games are my favorite! Come see me get super into my Nintendo 64 in this cute set where I show off my belly in super-tight jeans. You can see this set & more exclusively at

GRAND OPENING-VaVaVoomBBWs Sweet Adelines Sweet Tooth

Zebra cakes are my favorite treat. In this set, I show you just how much I love sweets. I know you're not supposed to play with your food, but I've always been a bad girl. There's even a video of me stuffing my cute, fat face after I am done. Come check it out exclusively at

GRAND OPENING-VaVaVoomBBWs Sweet Adeline

If you like nerdy fat babes, you will love my site! Come watch me show off my sexy fat body in this vintage inspired pin-up set.  ;)