SSBBW with Skinny Girls! TONS of New Clips!!

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I have been updating my clips4sale store like crazy the past month and have loads of awesome new stuff for you to check out! Some of my favorites involve a few of my skinny girl friends! The size contrast between us is so HOT! All of my clips are now available in MP4, M4V, and MOV! I always recommend MOV as it is the highest quality, but like to provide you with options! Also, almost all of the new clips and many of my old clips are available streaming at my clips4sale live members site for one low price! Here is a preview of few of my most recent clips. Hope you like them!

Madalynn & Ivy: My Immobility Fantasy
I have this very taboo fantasy about becoming a huge immobile fatty. My skinny feeder roommate loved how the extra weight looked on me, so she kept fattening me more and more. Now I'm so big I can't even get out of bed! She tends to my every need, but not without bitching about it! She brings me all the food that I could ever want, bathes me, and even rubs my huge belly for me! I beg for more and more food! This clip is for extreme feeders only.

Nexus & Ivy: Fat vs. Skinny – Compare and Measure
Ivy and her skinny friend Nexus compare their bodies in this clip! Nexus is 5'6 and weighs in at just 135 pounds! Ivy is the same height,  but weighs well over 300 pounds more than her skinny friend! Watch as they measure each others bodies,  discuss the differences in their figures,  and more! 

Ivy's Gaining Tips & Tricks
I frequently get asked about how I've gained so much weight since I started gaining and if I have any tips,  tricks,  or secret weapons that have helped me add over 270 pounds to my chubby body! In this clip I divulge all of my little secrets and tell you all about what I've done to get this huge! Tons of fat chat in this clip! 

Nexus & Ivy: Doctor's Office Piggy
Ivy is such a hungry fatty that she can't help but stuff her face while she waits for her doctor to finally show up. Doctor Nexus catches her in the act and is horrified at Ivy's piggishness! The doctor decides to humiliate Ivy to teach her a lesson,  so she forces Ivy to put on a pig nose and oink like a fat little piggy while teasing me about how huge I am.