Big Cutie Lyla – Chair Breaking Fatty ;)

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There are a lot of sexy perks to being fat, but I would like to say that one of my favorites is just being too big for my britches…hehe :) I have had my fair share of breaking furniture and not being able to fit in certain places…or getting stuck in chairs because of my sexy growing curves, and overflowing fat, but this most recent escapade is the sexiest ;)  My armless chair with a metal post, made to be able to withstand a lot of weight, broke recently because I've been a naughty girl and eating and gaining even though I am an ssbbw now … and I did have 2 large meals from Burger King right before it happened…hehe ;) Check out the amazing, sexy photos and see my most recent weight with these current pics on my member's blog, find out all the details and find out where I have to shop for clothes now that I have let myself go so much ;) Enjoy!

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