BigCutie Veelynn – Simple Seduction

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BigCutie Veelynn – Simple Seduction

Postby VeeLynn ยป 18 minutes ago
Hey Guys, Im so happy to announce my first set on BigCuties! My site is now live and open to the public. I am super excited to be debuting on BC, and hope that you'll all head over to check me out! Thanks for all the support and compliments! <3

Sometimes you have to keep it simple. I like to lounge around in my plain cheeky undies, and black bra. No distraction from my soft features. The way my waist cinches slightly before exploding into pillowy hips and thighs. Red hair brushing softly over shoulders that lead into soft fleshy upper arms, pale white orbs held in a black cotton bra. Simple, plain, but beautiful. :)

Peace Out Boy Scouts,

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