These Pies Go Right To Sateen’s Chubby Thighs!

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This week at, Sateen stuffs herself with mini pies covered in whipped cream. But this little fatty can't stop there. She eats the whipped cream right from the can, lapping it up as it squirts all over her, and even spraying it on her boobs so she can lick it off and show off. Plenty of video as she eats a whole plate full of little pies, stuffing big pieces in her mouth, and licking her lips greedily. And we've recorded the rumbles and growls from her stomach as it contentedly digests this latest stuffing. Once she's done eating, Sateen shows of her expanded belly from some great POV angles as you listen to it's full rumblings. There's even a couple epic growls that sound like a hungry lion on the loose at the end. A belly and stomach fetish lover's dream. Kisses and licks, REDhottie