Big Cutie Lyla – Fat Struggles

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A lot happens when you gain close to 200 pounds and there are a lot of different struggles that come along with all that sexy, bouncing, jiggly, weight that piles on… some are sexy struggles, and others are just as they sound…struggles. Found out everything about my fat struggles in this latest, very lengthy set where I reveal feelings my family has towards my weight, daily struggles, troubles with buying and fitting into clothes, and so many other struggles, many of which turn me on and want me to get even fatter even though it sometimes makes my life harder… it's quite the sexy cycle!! ;) My double tummy has gotten so huge and hangs so far and jiggles, sexiest feeling ever even though I can't fit in a movie theater seat… I've such a naughty fatty hehe! ;) I admit I do love the feeling of being sooo big and ripping all my clothes, makes me want to grab a high calorie snack right now!! ;)

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