BigCutie Veelynn – Uncontainable Curves

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So I got a brand new pair of snazzy skinny jeans for christmas this year, and I thought I would show them off in a set for you guys! I must say the first time I tried to shimmy into these jeans it was quite a challenge; having to jiggle and jump around to get my squishy belly and wide ass into them. I will hopefully shoot a video in the future of me shimmying into all of my jeans for you! Its quite a sight to see. :P I love the way the accentuate the big curve of my hips rolling down to my butt. Gives me quite the 'donk' if you know what I mean haha.It felt nice to take them off showing off my big luscious thighs and stretching out in just my skivvies! I hope you guys enjoyed :3

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