Getting Revenge on the Skinny Brat Who Made Fun of Me!

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Ivy caught Whitney Morgan and her skinny friends making fun of her while at the gym earlier. Ivy is sick of dealing with this crap, so she decides to take matters into her own hands. She has her boyfriend put some "special sauce" on Whitney's sandwich that she ordered from the deli causing Whitney to pass out and Ivy is able to sneak her out of the deli and back to her house. The clip begins with Whitney waking up all tied up in an unfamiliar place. She recognizes Ivy and from the gym and starts to insult her and freak out. Ivy tells her she has taken her prisoner and is going to teach her a lesson. She sits on Whitney and tells her she is going to squash her, but first she must weigh herself to see just how fat she's gotten! Ivy steps on the scale and taunts Whitney about all the weight she is about to take! Ivy slams her body down on Whitney and she begs for mercy! Ivy is SO heavy!!! Ivy won't let up and smothers Whitney's face with her huge belly. Whitney struggles to breathe as Ivy's massive, soft gut engulfs her head. Ivy then sits on top of Whitney and begins to stuff herself with cupcakes teasing Whitney about her future plans for her. Let's just say Whitney won't be staying thin for very long…. Watch for Part Two coming soon to see what happens next!