Lisa went corporate

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oh yeah thats right I've gone corporate!!!

I was given the oppurtunity to Climb the Corporate ladder

They had offered me an incredible Postion that I couldn't refuse(wink wink)

Frankly speaking I think they just like my Big TITS!!! and Flirty Smile!!!

I am sure the Boys on the floor will miss me… I use to flirt and give them not- so- innocent glimpses down my blouse!!!   But I promised each of them that I would cum Visit as much as I can

Human Resources had a photographer take a photo to hang in the board room.. I was so excited  that when I got home I did my own version (giggles)

hmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if the board of directers would like to see these hahahaha

or maybe they have :)

Hope im not the only one to get a BIG RAISE out of this!!!