Bigcutie Brianna is Body Positive!!

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I hope you can see why I absolutely LOVE this set (:
Its a feel good set about body positivity and how much I love myself. I wrote these powerful words on my body, that have alot of meaning in my life.

Some shallow minded people may think FAT is not beautiful, but that is far from being true. Being fat is part of what makes us beautiful, when society tries to put overweight women down. Doing this set meant alot for me, because whoever looks at these pictures, be it supporters of BBW's or not, will know that I am not shameful of my body in anyway. Instead I am confident in my own skin, and love everything about my size (:

The video includes me nude, talking about loving myself, and what all these lovely words on my body mean to me, and make me who I am (:
With just a few words on my body, I literally felt the most BEAUTIFUL I've ever felt <3

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