Bottom heavy bubble blowing beauty, Larousse with more sexy bubblegum fun

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 Don't miss sexy pear Larousse at in a hot new set. This bratty little princess just loves to blow big bubbles and get all sweet and sticky for you. She smacks her gum loudly, blowing some head sized bubbles, sucking them back in noisily, and licking the aftermath off her stickly lips. Plenty of close ups let you watch her slurp up the bubbles, folding and working the gum with a sexy tongue as she licks it back into her mouth, popping and snapping as she chews busily. Lots of nice angles of her soft, bulging, creamy curves and plush rolls too, while she plays with her gum sexily in this video laden update, stretching it, and wrapping it around her agile tongue as she licks it back up. A great update for oral fetishist and bubble gum lovers alike. Kisses and licks, REDhottie