~ Nexus & Ivy Update!

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Nexus & Ivy: Ivy's Visit to the Doctor
Ivy has a really bad tummy ache! It's so bad that she decides to visit her doctor who she hasn't been to in a very long time! Dr. Nexus can't believe how huge Ivy has gotten! The last time that she was in she was only 330 pounds! The doctor tries to weigh her, but Ivy's belly is too big for the scale and she is MUCH to heavy for the scale! The doctor comments on her gain and how hard it is to examine her because of her huge size! Dr. Nexus uses her calipers to measure Ivy's body fat, checks her stomach and listens to see how it sounds. She decides Ivy must have just eaten way too much and shows her how to properly rub her big, fat belly to help ease the pain of overeating.