Lazy sub Terrance is punished beneath 450 crushing lbs of ass!

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This week don't miss more facesitting fun at with Bettie Rocker. Terrance refuses to get Bettie a milkshake even though she's been hard at work around the house while he sleeps. Watch her plop her crushing weight right down on him, and drop her massive belly apron on his face, smothering him in her fat til he can barely breathe. When he still gives her lip, she decides that it's hard to talk back with a facefull of fat ass. Plenty of video so you can see Terrance flattened beneath her booty and belly blubber, and hear his grunts of pain and gasps for air as she works him over with her punishing poundage. Join SSBBWs Gone Wild today and fulfill your fattest fantasies! Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie