Lick these dirty, crusty feet! POV foot fetish with Asha Cherry

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We've got a treat for all those dirty feet lovers this week at . Ahsha Cherry walked in in her old, worn flip flops, so while she stood around texting, we did a POV shoot that shows her old, smelly flip flops tortured beneath her dirty, calloused feet as she walked around. As she texts her girlfriend, her feet slip in and out of her sandals, wiggling them on and off, flexing her toes, and crushing them beneath her tired feet. You can see how her massive weight has worn impressions of her feet into these old flip flops as they are ground beneath her crushing weight and calloused soles as she walks, almost wearing holes in them in some places. Great 14 min POV video too, with lots of flexing, dipping, and dangling as she texts her friend, shifting from one foot to the other, unmindful of what her feet are doing to her shoes. Finally she lays on the bed and gets comfy, slipping them off, rubbing her feet on each other as she flexes her aching toes, with amazing close ups of her dirty, smelly feet for you to worship. REDhottie