Sexy bubble brat Larousse is back with more sweet, sticky fun

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Bratty little pear Larousse is blowing some nice big bubbles in this week's update at . This chubby princess shows off her bulging rolls and squishy curves while playing with her gum, and blowing big, sticky bubbles. Plenty of video as she smacks her gum loudly, snapping and popping it, blowing the bubbles up nice and big, then sucking them back in loudly before they pop on her face. Great POV shots of her tongue and mouth working over that gum as she slurps it in, folding it between her sexy tongue and lips as she licks the sticky mess off her face, and snaps the gum loudly. Great bubblegum fetish set with big bubbles, and even some bubbles inside of bubbles, and sexy tongue action. SSBBWs Gone Wild… it's your fat fetish wonderland. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie