Big Cutie Lyla – Too Much Fluff To Stuff ;)

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Probably one of my most favorite problems of being fat is constantly outgrowing my clothes and being such a pig that can't stop eating even when my clothes can't fit me at all and I am having to purchase special clothes online because I am just that fat. This also turns me on unbelievably and makes me want to gain even more so that I can feel my clothes shrink on my growing curves as I keep stuffing myself and getting fatter. I have gained so much weight since I first started and don't regret it one been, even when I am huffing, puffing and exhausted after trying on just my first couple pairs of clothes, I love how much I've expanded and how out of shape I am ;) Enjoy this sexy too tight try on set as I jiggle, squeeze, and try my best to stuff my overwhelming amount of fat into clothes that used to hang loose on me…. super sexy!! ;)

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