BigCutie Candi – Sexy Send-Off

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Hey guys! I love animal print and I thought this outfit was a great way to to show off my zebra heels too! I love wearing heels, they make me feel so sexy and I want everyone looking at my legs and up to my thighs, belly and boobs. I love this zebra top I bought too! I love the lace coming down to see my cleavage, and I love the leather-looking sides too! It gives my body a nice shape. Its supposed to be lingerie, but I think I'm going to wear it as a cute little top too.

I hope you enjoy this sexy set. I wanted to do something ultra sexy for my send-off set into my retirement. I hope to return in the future when life slows down for me, but until then, please accept my many thanks for being a member and I hope you continue to enjoy all the 67 sets I've shared with you. xoxo

Love and Kisses, Candi