Plumper Snow is squashed and smothered beneath Devilyn’s 400 jiggly lbs!

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This week at, Snow is supposed to guess Devilyn St James weight. But when her guesses go wildly wide of the mark, Devilyn decides to show her a better way to guess weight. She plops her massive, squishy body right down on top of little Snow, unmindful of the smaller girls complaints and struggles to get free. For each wrong guess, Snow gets smothered and squashed under more and more fat. Great 10 minute mini movie with plenty of belly drops and fat smothering, as well as facesitting and full weight squashing as Devilyn forces Snow to take her full 400 lbs as punishment for being a wiseass. Join today and check out this great fat filled fetish wonderland with hours and hours of video. Rockin' your fetish world, REDhottie