~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ BULGING on My Balcony

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One of my absolute favourite things to do is sit outside on my balcony and enjoy the sun, the birds chirping, the beautiful nature all around me…

But I have to admit, sitting out there, feeling the breeze and the sun all over my big, beautiful body makes me feel like such a happy fat goddess ~ and I very much enjoy playing with my fat body…

Sigh, oh – my little deck chair…when I sit on it, my hips bulge out the sides! And when I shake and smack my big, fat thighs together, it causes the chair to squeak and strain – shhh, listen! You can hear it suffering…

I even kneel upon the chair to show you just how wide my ass is compared to the chair – it completely bulges over the arms of the chair!

Oh and – how's the view from down there, are you enjoying me shake and grab and play with my belly for you? ;)


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