Alexx Starr’s massive buttercream belly is growling hungrily for sweet treats!

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This week's update has more super sexy blubbery belly fun for you, featuring beautiful belly queen Alexx Star. Alexx is blowing bubbles and having fun getting sticky in this set while you watch. She blows bubbles, sucks them back in, and peels the sticky gum off her lips and face. This is all making her stomach hungry for something sweet. It begins rumbling and growling loudly, and we've captured it in a great POV video. You get to watch her blow bubbles as her big, squishy belly wiggles and jiggles right in the camera, while listening to it's hungry growls. The more bubbles she blows, the louder the growlings and gurglings of her stomach get. Can you imagine burying your face in the warm fleshy softness of her belly and listening to those awesome growls? SSBBWs Gone Wild is the place where all your fat fetishes run wild! Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie