Big Cutie Lyla – Framed Fatty ;)

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You all know that I take pride in my gain and all of my fat, and only want to get fatter and fatter… but I bet you didn't know that I treasure it enough to frame it, like a feat of lazy success ;) I pride myself in just letting go and go and go ;) I am pretty vein when it comes to my fat and know I am hotter than any skinny girl out there and just want to show you all how proud I am ;) It only turns me on more knowing that I am so far past overweight and extremely fat considering my age, all the more reason to show it off… Yes I am an indulgent piggy who stuffs my face and I am proud of every stretchmark, how I get out of breath so easy and Everything that comes along with being so unbelieveably fat… enjoy this latest set and check out every pound of fat I have mounted and marveled at in this latest update! ;)

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Lyla :)