It’s a Challenge!

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It's a Challenge!

You think you can beat ME in a game of pool? You're ON! Yeah, that's it, start the trash talking now! Even though it is so not gonna help ya, but it makes you feel better I guess!

You really think I care that you have hit more balls in the pocket than I have? Oh no, my darling, it's all part of my plan … see now comes the fun!

Oops! My skirt fell off, dontcha just hate it when that happens? And look at that, right before you went to shoot! That sucks you missed that one, especially since it was such an easy shot!

What? You forfeit? But damn, baby, I haven't even made one in yet! But ok, if you really want to!

Guess I can tell you now … I suck at playing pool! But I am very very good at making your cock hard! Now, let's make it cum!

Kisses ~ Kristine