*Big Cutie Bonnie-Billowed out body stocking*

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Hi everyone :)

I know this body stocking isn't the exact same as the one I wore before (this one has sleeves) but it is the same size!

I wanted to show off how much tighter it was against my fat jigglypuff and how much it had to stretch for me to fit inside, and then I realised that the last time I had done a video in the bath was such a long time ago!

The bath was really wide, (unlike my sisters that my fat arse got stuck in!)I was so shocked and thrilled at how difficult it was for me to move once I had climbed in, how tiny I made it look in the video and how little water I needed once I had settled in! :D

I hope you all enjoy watching me splash about like a great big fat hippo!






Bonnie & Jigglypuff x0x0x