Big Cutie Lyla – Tight in 4XL Fatty ;)

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Sometimes it is tough being such a fatty like myself, not only do I have to special order clothes from the biggest of big girl sites, made for me just because I am such a piggy, but I also barely even fit into these clothes now! I special ordered a 4XL dress which was the largest my favorite big girl site offered and it was still tight on my curves and attempted to cage in all my fat (which is no small goal). I often find myself imagining that I wear an enormous dress such as this and keep it on while I gain another 100-150 pounds and the thought of ripping through a dress, already so big, turns me on like no other! ;) Maybe one day soon I can dream about being in a 8XL dress, who knows ;) There is no doubt that I am a piggy and I love to keep growing, so check out my newest curves and gain in this 4XL dress in my latest update.. you won't be disappointed, I've come so far! ;) Enjoy :)

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