Big Cutie Lyla – Too Fat To Fit ;)

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Sometimes I really forget just how much weight I've gained, until I've sat in a chair I have had for over 3 years and realize, wow I can't even fit! Or when I put on clothes that used to be loose when not even stretched out, and now I stretch these clothes to the full, put them on loosest tie and it doesn't even come close to fitting! This type of thing always turns me on though, and I know it's so sexy ;) This is the problem I am having with one of my corsets in my latest set, as I find out that what used to be a good fit, is many feet away from fitting me now with the inches upon inches I've gained in amazing, soft, sexy fat! ;)  Check me out as I try and fit in this corset and take on the look of a medieval fatty ;) Although, I don't think they grew woman as big as me in the time, but I would definitely have taken charge ;)

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