Encouraging Fat Feedee Boys to Grow!

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In case you haven't stopped by Fat Boy Fantasies lately here is a little preview of what you've been missing! Watch as hot thin models as well as gorgeous SSBBW models encourage you to continue to gain and grow for them! We LOVE how fat you have been getting and want more, more, MORE!!!




Luna Vera: Gain for ME!

Look at all that fat! You've been eating for me haven't you? Tell me what you ate today. I want to know all about how you've stuffed yourself for me. I want you to get fatter and fatter just for me! I love squeezing those huge fat rolls.

Chrissy Daniels & Ivy Love Your Weight Gain

We love how fat you're getting! You've really been packing on the pounds and it is so sexy! Your belly is so huge and round! We just want to rub it and squeeze it and fill it full of food! Will you keep gaining for us?

A Fattening Confession

Honey, I have a little confession to make. You know how you've been getting kind of fat lately? Well… it's all my fault. You see, I've been secretly fattening you up. Sneaking weight gain powder in your food, adding extra calories to everything you've been eating, even slipping you appetite stimulants! I just couldn't help myself! I just love huge fat boys and wanted one all for myself! 

Luna Vera Wants You Even Fatter

Sexy 95 pound Luna Vera has a secret… she LOVES fat men! She wants you to get bigger and bigger for her. You must stuff yourself for her. She wants you so big that you're unable to even move! She wants to be able to bury her face in your huge fat belly. She wants you to stuff yourself daily just for her. Think of just how fat you're going to get just for her!

Chrissy Daniels Wants You Fatter

Chrissy has just gotten home from the gym and found you stuffing yourself with even more food. She isn't even a little mad because she loves to watch you gain. She loves a man with a big fat belly and loves watching you grow yourself even bigger just for her! She wants you to keep stuffing that gorgeous belly for her so she can rub it and feel it expanding beneath her fingers.

We Love Fat Boys! Featuring Ivy & Luna Vera

We just love your huge squishy belly, jiggly man boobs, chubby double chin, and fat thighs! Have you gained weight? It's starting to show and we LOVE it! Please don't start working out. We want you nice and fat! Your tits are getting sooo big now. Please keep eating for us. We want you to eat like a pig every day. We will even feed you and rub your belly to help you get bigger and bigger.