Hungry Lydia Manahan chows down on a huge meal at SSBBWs Gone Wild

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It's no wonder Lydia's clothes are getting too tight at . This week our bulging beauty eats 2 meatloaf sandwiches, mac & cheese, and a big bowl of chili while you get to watch. As she stuffs her belly, the growlings and rumblings of her stomach get louder as it works on all that food. Finally she takes off her tight denim shorts that have been holding in all her belly flab to make more room, and that's when her stomach really begins rumbling in happy digestion! Great eating shots and awesome POV's of her fat rolls practically bursting from her tight shorts and bra, and a 13 minute mini movie with some epic stomach growls as she chows down on all that fattening food. rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie