Mindi Misfit’s first cake stuffing set at SSBBWs Gone Wild

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Sexy and stunning bottom heavy beauty Mindi Misfit comes to www.ssbbwsgonewild.com this week, and she's hungry for cake! Mindi's love of sweet treats has her eating dessert first in this great food fetish set. Mindi was so hungry we could hear her stomach growling, and so of course, we captured those hunger growls on video for you. When Mindi sits down and begins filling her belly with cake and whipped cream icing, those hungry growls turn to contented rumblings and gurglings as her stomach goes to work on all that cake. Plenty of sexy face stuffing and eating shots, and mind blowing POV video as Mindi blissfully enjoys her fattening dessert, leaning back and relaxing as her tummy rumbles in happy digestion. Don't miss it! Rockin' your world one fat girl at a time, REDhottie