The frosting is always the best part! More cake stuffing fun with Mindi Misfit

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Don't miss Mindi Misfit's sexy cake stuffing set this week at . Mindi just loves dessert, and you get to see her try and eat a whole cake. Lots of awesome POV eating shots, as she stuffs her face with huge forkfuls of cake, and leans back, rubbing her soft squishy belly and big tits. She licks frosting off her fingers slowly and sensually, and oh my, she even got some on her boobs! And that's not all. The 16 minute mini movie also captures the hungry growling of her stomach, and it's epic rumbles and gurlgles as she stuffs it with cake, and it begins digesting her calorie laden feast. This is a delightful eating set, and has some of the most epic stomach sounds we've ever recorded. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie