My New Fat

September 29, 2013 sarahReign 0

I show you where ALL my new fat is going wearing a super tight bra that used to fit me not 4 months ago (well, wasn't THIS tight) and how I feel about it! I LOVE how fat I am getting, thanks to   YOU! I grab handfulls of my blubber rolls and shake my huge growing gut just so you can see how much of it there really is! From my baby growing triple belly, to the fatty crease that is developing on the sides of my thighs, it just shows how my greedy lifestyle is making me a HUGE OBESE TUBBY!! Enjoy!

I can't deny how much I really love being a growinG lil fatty.. It's the best feeling in the world, really. Fat is just so much FUN!

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BigCutie Cherries – Ice Cream Treat

September 29, 2013 BigCutieCherries 0

Hi Guys! This update went up a few days ago so sorry I'm late for posting on here. I was away all weekend for a wedding in Connecticut, but I'm back now! And this new set is great, I'm enjoying some delicious ice cream just for you! As I'm sure you can tell, I eat ice cream a lot and it seems to help my body :)
More Cherries!

Squashing an Alien *HD*

September 29, 2013 sarahReign 0

Stupid alien! How dare he try to abduct me! To think he attemped to try and lift my huge fat body and carry me out! I guess I showed him! Kidnapping a huge fat girl like me backfired, and he got squished flat! I use all my blubbery bits to inflict some seriously flattening pain and payback on this poor guy! You can hear the air wooshing around as my fatty rolls compress him like nothing! Wouldn't YOU want to be under me like this? I know I want you to!

This clipwas SUPER fun!!! There is NO doubt that you won't enjoy this one! I talk to this stupid alien as well, like he really failed to fat-nap me…it's pretty cute!

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Big Cutie Lyla – Tubby Transformer ;)

September 28, 2013 BigCutieLyla 0

So, I am a big nerd, there is no question about that… emphasis on the Big part, lol ;) But, anyway, I absolutely love just about anything nerdy and transformers is pretty up there. I've always thought that my weight gain journey is the perfect example of a transformer and sometimes I have fantasies that I could just "roll out" hundreds of more pounds of fat than I already have ;) Although, the fat I have to roll out now is already quite impressive… I just can't help but think that I want more. So check out this tubby transformer as I show off my newest curves in looks you guys have never seen me in before, enjoy!!! :)

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

Asha Cherry stuffs her face with yummy brownies: Great POV eating set!

September 28, 2013 redhottie 0

This week at don't miss Asha Cherry stuffing her big, flabby belly with rich, chocolate brownies. You get great POV video of this busty beauty's soft, bulging curves and squishy belly as she enjoys brownie after brownie, licking her lips and fingers to get all the gooey frosting. You also get to hear her happy stomach growling and gurgling as it digests all that chocolate! She even stands to let you get some amazing in your face views of her ample belly while you listen to it gurgle contentedly. So come on over to SSBBWs Gone Wild today for the best in fat fetish content. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

Carmella Bombshell: WILD SIDE!!!!!!!

September 28, 2013 CarmellaBombshell 0

Hi everyone!
Carmella Bombshell here showing off her lioness pride in "WILD SIDE"! Want to see how wild she can get? Come JOIN as a NEW/RECURRING member and take a walk on the wild side with me…MEOWWWWWW!!!! ^_^


<3 Carmella Bombshell 🙂


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Victoria Royalty Morgan-Swim Time II

September 28, 2013 VictoriaRoyaltyMorgan 0


Sorry I didn't post this soon here. My job and personal life has been very hectic! A good hectic for my personal life though! Work more so bad but finally looking else where. Anyways hope you enjoy.

Kiss Kiss Victoria

If anyone has any ideas for new sets that doesn't involve sitting or squashing that would be great. I am shooting again next Friday!

Topless Happy Hour… ALWAYS!

September 27, 2013 Asshley 0

Just updated at is a new set of pictures of myself in these super cute little panties that talk about happy hour and as you can see from the size of my ass I just love happy hour.  Since these cute little happy hour panties didn't come with a cute top, this whole set of pictures has me letting the girls loose.  So if you love to see me letting it all hang out please come to and let me know if you can join me for happy hour!

Rubie Bombshell &quot;Chocoholic&quot; at

September 27, 2013 RubieG 0

NEW UPDATE!!! I am a chocoholic for sure and I love me some chocolate! This set is me in Yellow Panties and Yellow shirt enjoying lots of yummy Chocolate and Sugary sweets. This set has 124 Photos and 1 Video. So come on by and see me at So for just .53 cents a day ($16 dollars a month) you can enjoy this and all my sets!!!

Curvy Nurse’s soft, flabby belly apron has gotten even bigger lately!

September 27, 2013 redhottie 0

Just look at Curvy Nurse's awesome belly hang as she plays with it in this week's update. Now that's what we call pool fun! Join today and check out all the awesome shots of this bottom heavy beauty as she enjoys the pool and even plays with her fat and gives her fans a show. And remember, your Redhot Phatgirlz membership gives you access to all our bountiful beauties under one roof. That's dozens of models and over 8 years of weekly updates, each featuring amazing, fat friendly photography designed around the FA. It's a fat fantasyland just waiting for you. Rockin' your world, REDhottie

Growing Kelly and Ms. Fat Booty in Donut Domme Part 2

September 27, 2013 GrowingKelly 0

Hello! I just updated my Clips4Sale with a super hot video where I'm handcuffed and stuffed by Ms. Fat Booty, hope you enjoy.

Ms. Fat Booty and Growing Kelly in: Donut Domme 2
I should have known better than to think I could just handcuff Ms.Fat Booty and force feed her a box of donuts and have that be the end of it. I start teasing her over the feeding and before I know it the tables have turned and I'm the little piggy in handcuffs. Watch Ms. Fat Booty get her revenge as she force feeds me another box of donuts. To see Part 1 and how I got myself into this mess check out Ms. Fat Booty's c4s.

Thanks for watching me grow!

Growing Kelly

Growing Kelly is a Taco Belle: Taco 12 Pack Stuffing (40+ minute video)

September 27, 2013 GrowingKelly 0

Hi there! I'm back with a new clip on my clips4sale that I'm sure anyone who enjoys watching a BBW stuff herself is going to love

Taco Belle 12 Pack Stuffing

I've been craving Taco Bell all week, though to be honest I'm such a fatty I always crave it. I usually just get myself three or four tacos and a big drink, but yesterday I needed more. Now, Taco Bell advertises their Taco 12 Pack for groups of people, but in this clip it's all for me.
This clip contains over 40 minutes of feedee bliss as I stuff my face with taco after taco (I even end up with a bonus 13th taco, someone at the Bell's a feeder) and chug from a two litre bottle of Coca-Cola, but not before I have a 6 piece McNugget for an appetizer. What can I say, I saw McDonald's on my way home and couldn't resist. All told I eat more than 3000 calories in this stuffing clip, leaving me immobilized on the couch with a belly tight as a drum (which is the only way I'll ever have rock hard abs). 

And because I know my full Taco Belle clip is quite large (as am I these days ;) ), I've split it into three parts for those of you who'd like a little taste of my stuffing session. You can buy each clip individually or save $6 and purchase the full clip at

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Thanks for watching me grow!

Big Cutie Marilyn- Bedroom Blondie :)

September 27, 2013 BigCutieMarilyn 0

The bedroom is my favorite part of the house. The bed is so comfy and big. I can lay there for hours, munching on snacks and watching movies. I do that pretty much everyday. ;) I love how squishy I'm getting and I love how heavy I'm starting to feel on the bed. I guess I better keep up on those naps. :)

Cupcakes and Kisses,

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Goddess Belly Vs poor tiny tummy, &amp; intimate talk

September 27, 2013 TheBSSG 0

The sheer difference is incredible, it boggles the mind to think that my Goddess Belly and his tiny tummy are the same body part given that his is skinny & unnoticeable and mine is my biggest sexiest feature & pure FAT POWER! :D I could break bones with this Belly if I wanted to ;)

We even used hand sizes to compare, his only took 1 hand and mine took so many I got bored waiting for him to finish counting lol

Also in this video I really talk out load, for the first time on cam, about my intimate life with my Slave. I'm not just a Goddess on cam :P listen to what I say & then imagine me in bed :* hehe


Check it ;)

BigCutie Ellie ~ Room Service Please!

September 26, 2013 BigCutieEllie 0

Ahhh, Room Service!!! A fatty's dream come true! I just love being pampered and taken care of. After a long day of gambling I was ravenous so, I just had to order room service. I ordered half of the menu. What else is a girl supposed to do when her huge hungry belly is on empty? I spent the evening indulging on burgers, a french dip, mac and cheese, soup and other yummy things! I stuffed myself so full and fat! I saved room for dessert though and I share the decadent experience with you in my latest video. Stuffing myself to the max always makes for a lazy night on the sofa! Hope you like this set as much as I loved that warm chocolate cake!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,

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Delicious Diva’s ample curves and broad backside at Redhot Phatgirlz

September 26, 2013 redhottie 0

New model Delicious Diva shows off those bountiful breasts and ample curves this week at . This chubbilicious babe looks amazing in this set, with some great angles highlighting her soft belly and huge tits. Join today and see all our beautiful bbws under one roof in stunning pro shot content. It's the place to be to make all your fat fantasies come true. Rockin' your world, REDhottie


September 26, 2013 ms-iona 0

 :-*  Hey Guys in this weeks set come and see me in my tight kitty onesie it was a large and it was so tight in bits bulging at the seems what a

carry on to get it on and when i eventually did it wouldnt zip all the way up. My massive boobs were spilling every where x

i loved how tight it was and how it kept my sexy ssbbw body enclosed in it.

come and check all the pics and sexy belly video at

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big hugs and kisses

Iona xxxxxxxxx

BigCutie Stephenie :: Supersize Slumber Party

September 26, 2013 BigCutieSteph 0

The first thing I think of, when it comes to slumber parties, is a big bowl of popcorn and lounging around, watching a movie. I was all alone, so I thought I'd share my fun time with you guys! I shovel bunches of hot, buttery popcorn in my mouth and wash it down with my absolute favorite drink and pose for my honored guest. I even let out a couple burps from all the bubbly soda!

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Choking on Cock

September 26, 2013 Gaining Gabi 0

Gabis got dick in her mouth and no way out of it. Heartz is on top of Gabi with her purple strap-on and face fucking Gabi and Gabi is literally stuck underneath Heartz being fucked by Heartz new strap-on that she wanted to try out, stop by to see is exciting update.