*Big Cutie Bonnie-A Lot Larger In Leopard*

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Hi everyone :)

Do you all remember this leopard baby doll I wore?
Well, whether you do or you don't it won't be seen on me again, my fat belly ripped massive holes under the frills as soon I forced it on!
This baby-doll used to cover my Jigglypuff BUT now as I am much fatter you can see my belly hang jiggling about as I walk!

Someone requested ages ago to see my fat legs walking in some high heels and although I insisted I looked like a fat pigeon whilst walking in heels, I decided to film the video regardless.
I like pigeons, the posh woodland pigeons look fat and sexy.
I have now come to the conclusion that fat pigeons are hot and we should not eat them in pies ;)



Bonnie & Hanging Jigglypuff xxx