Big Cutie Lyla – Fat, Hungry, and Gorging! ;)

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We all know that I am a piggy above all piggies because I have gained SO much weight so fast, but it is really no mystery how I gained all this weight. I sit on my fat butt all day and stuff myself with so much high calorie food, all thorough the day… my tummy is so greedy that I gobble up any donations of fattening food my fans throw at me, and make sure to add it into my regular "diet" of 4000 + calories ;). Watch me stuff myself with greasy food, a sugary drink, and talk about just how much I love gaining and see my most recent gain in this latest update! I truly love to gorge my food down and just let myself go and go and go…. let the fat pile on!! hehe ;)

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Lyla :)