Big Cutie Lyla – Sweatpants Squeeze ;)

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Probably one of my most natural states of being is being stuffed in clothes that are wayyyy too tight for me… I have grown so much so fast, and been using all my funds to stuff my face so often that the majority of my clothes are too tight and don't fit me even the ones that are XXL and XXXL… even some XXXXL are getting tight on me, I just don't know when to stop letting my fat expand ;) It's a problem, you could say, but a sexy problem. I find myself lounging in tight clothes wishing to expand even more and overflow my fat over clothes that used to be loose on me.. that idea turns me on so much and makes me only want to stuff my face more, like a gluttonous queen! So, check me out in my most natural state as I squeeze my fat into tight sweatpants and show off just how much of a fatty I am, and how I embrace my fat even when super sized clothes are too small for me…hehe it's too much sexy fun!! ;) Maybe it seems white trash holding onto clothes where my fat pours out, but I LOVE IT ;) Enjoy!!

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Lyla :)