BigCutie CALLIE: Bigger On The Outside!

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Some of you may have caught wind, but I am a large Dr Who fan- pun intended! For this set I got down to my Tardis blue boy shorts and began exploring all the dips and ripples of my oh-so-round tummy, Sonic in hand. What I was able to decipher- it's definitely very fat, so I should steer clear of Adipose, unless I want to be suddenly missing quite a few pounds of my ample exterior! Ok- fangirl talk aside, come and take a look at this WIBBLEY WOBBLEY set, as I bend over and show off all I have to offer, and guess where I hide my sonic screwdriver. I'll give you a hint: it involves my belly!

To Loving Ways & Perfect Days,

P.S- There is an extra (exclusive) video posted on my members only blog ;)

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