Devilyn has fun with her growing belly and smothers Terrance under acres of fat!

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Devilyn decides belly drops are fun in this week's update at as she shows off her growing belly and what it can do. After plopping, bouncing and wiggling around on Terrance to make a comfy seat, she shows off her new poundage with a series of belly drops. Her massive apron makes a loud smack as she repeatedly drops it on his face, giggling as he gasps and grunts beneath it's immense weight. She has some facesitting fun too, and poor Terrance's face is swallowed by her huge, jiggling ass cheeks til he is gasping for air. But soon she gets bored of this, and it's clobberin' time as she grabs up her belly again for some standing belly drops! Great update with a don't miss 10 minute mini movie. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie