Going Away!

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I got the chance to go away a couple weekends ago. Not anywhere real far or anything fancy, but it was away so I jumped at the chance!

Do you like going away? I love it, there is something just relaxing about not being in your house! And that is exactly what I did all weekend long!

The place had this amazing screened in balcony so I think I spent as much time as I possibly could out there! It was so nice just watching the water, the dolphins and the people on the beach!

Speaking of people on the beach, I happened to notice this guy – he was towards the back of the beach and there wasn't really too many people left on the beach as it was getting late. He had what looked to be a tablet in his hands and he seemed to be talking to someone. There was just something that got me interested so I kept watching. I'm glad I did! Apparently he was Skyping with someone and all of a sudden his cock popped out the leg of his shorts and it was hard as a rock!

The voyeur in me was fascinated, so fascinated that I tried to find binoculars even! I watched while he had his little tryst with his lover but man did it make my pussy want some of that! I couldn't help myself, I had to cum and while I did I hoped someone was watching me!

Kisses ~ Kristine