Growing Kelly is a Taco Belle: Taco 12 Pack Stuffing (40+ minute video)

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Hi there! I'm back with a new clip on my clips4sale that I'm sure anyone who enjoys watching a BBW stuff herself is going to love

Taco Belle 12 Pack Stuffing

I've been craving Taco Bell all week, though to be honest I'm such a fatty I always crave it. I usually just get myself three or four tacos and a big drink, but yesterday I needed more. Now, Taco Bell advertises their Taco 12 Pack for groups of people, but in this clip it's all for me.
This clip contains over 40 minutes of feedee bliss as I stuff my face with taco after taco (I even end up with a bonus 13th taco, someone at the Bell's a feeder) and chug from a two litre bottle of Coca-Cola, but not before I have a 6 piece McNugget for an appetizer. What can I say, I saw McDonald's on my way home and couldn't resist. All told I eat more than 3000 calories in this stuffing clip, leaving me immobilized on the couch with a belly tight as a drum (which is the only way I'll ever have rock hard abs). 

And because I know my full Taco Belle clip is quite large (as am I these days ;) ), I've split it into three parts for those of you who'd like a little taste of my stuffing session. You can buy each clip individually or save $6 and purchase the full clip at

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Thanks for watching me grow!