Reenaye Starr stuffs her massive, growing belly with tacos and burritos!

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Don't miss Reenaye Starr this week at as she feasts on soft tacos and burritos from taco bell. Lots of sexy shots of her incredible, growing belly, and huge tits as she stuffs her face greedily. The 13 minute mini movie practically puts you in her lap as she eats, and also lets you hear the contented growlings and gurglings of her stomach as it fills up with mexican food. She even stands  to let you get amazing views of her enormous belly apron as it jiggles and sways, listening the the gurgles and growls of her stomach growing louder and more frequent as it gets full from all that food! Another great food fetish set with one of the hottest gaining girls around! Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie