Snow helps Desiree Devine get a workout, squashing style!

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Desiree is feeling unmotivated this week at , and wants a workout partner, but plumper Snow refuses. Funny how that works out, 400lb amazon Desiree is used to getting what she wants. Snow unwittingly becomes an excersize ball, bounce toy and workout mat as Desiree pins her beneath her crushing weight and begins throwing her weight around on poor Snow. She even has her count off butt drops and thigh crunches, right on her face! When Snow complains too loudly, she gets smothered beneath acres of rolls or Desiree's massive ass til her cries are barely audible. Great girl/girl squashing set with an 11.4 minute mini movie where you get to see little Snow wrestled, steamrolled and squashed flat beneath Desiree's punishing poundage. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie