Big Cutie Lyla – Sexy Lingerie Squeeze ;)

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As you all know, all girls have to keep their figure.. I just happen to keep it expanding and growing ;) I thought it was time to compare how tight old clothes were and decided to start with my old lingerie. This specific piece of lingerie has been used in at least 2 of my previous sets, and it even used to be so loose on me as you can see with my first set it was featured in. It is so sexy to think I have grown and let myself go so much that this lingerie is now as tight as can be ;) I feel the best way to seduce an FA is to show them how fat I am, how much I've grown, and how confident I am to get fatter. Think of me as your sexy seductress, all pretty with my endless rolls of sexy fat that could be all yours ;) I really hope you all enjoy this latest set, I know I did, let me know if you think I have done my job of seducing ;)

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