Big Cutie Lyla – Slo-mo Belly Jiggle! ;)

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Yay, it's finally here!! The video that proves that I am such a piggy and don't know when to stop letting myself go ;) I love every new pound I gain and I make it my goal to show it off and I would like to say that this video does my fat justice…it's finally here a slow-mo-belly (and thigh!) jiggle set! I am so excited to show you all my fat in slow motion with this video specifically filmed to show you the best angles of my luscious rivers of jiggly fat ripple over and over ;) I have proclaimed to be satisfied with many of my sets in the past, but this has to be my new favorite…especially when compared with my first videos, WOW, I have really let myself go…and go!! ;) I really hope you all enjoy this slo-mo-belly jiggle exclusive set, I know I had fun feeling all my fat jiggle about, the sexiest part is when I move my fat for a little while… it doesn't stop jiggling for quite a while…woops I guess I lost my figure :P Or did I gain it? teehee :) Enjoy!

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