Can he take the pressure of Reenaye’s 400 crushing lbs and smothering belly?

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Only time will tell, cause this week at, Reenaye Starr gives 'flatman' a workout on the floor under her mighty ass and belly. She tells him she's going to make a man out of him and teach him to take the pressure. Great set and video as the luscious 400 lb Reenaye Starr coaches him and gives him a series of flattening, breath robbing drops, and sits her full weight right on his chest and face. He groans with the effort of breathing under her massive weight, but he isnt ready to tap out just yet. Come check out the floor squashing fun and all out off the chain fat fetish action every week here at SSBBWs Gone Wild, with amazing bbws and sizzling content. If you love fat, we've got your fetish. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie