BigCutie CALLIE: Afternoon Munchies

Lately I have found myself feeling hungrier then ever before, often taking the opportunity to snack in-between my big meals. All I really need is a reason and today it was movie time. Yes, it may be movie time numerous times a week, but a girl can't help it if all she wants to do is sit around eating munchies and catching a good flick! I mean, yeah I love going to the movie theater, but nothing beats sitting at home letting it all hang out while eating as much popcorn as I want. If i am feeling adventurous I might mix in some chocolate bits, or go with something like flavored popcorn, but good old extra butter always hits the spot ;)

To Perfect Days and Loving Ways,

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BigCutie Veelynn – Autumn Excellence

We are drawing to the close of Autumn and I sure am going to miss all the beautiful falling leaves and sweater weather. I wanted to get in one more set outdoors this season. Perhaps we can cuddle in a big pile of leaves? Eat plenty of pumpkin pie and enjoy some hot cocoa? I love some good warm food on a cold day in Autumn. Everything about this season is pure excellence! It was cold but not too cold for one last dress before I have to start bundling up to set foot outside. So I hope you enjoy the view of my soft, milky flesh in the glow of the outdoors, before it goes indoors for the winter. I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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BigCutie Cherries – Chicken Nugget Champ

I always wanted to try the 20 piece chicken nuggets at McDonalds, but never did because I didn't think I could finish it. But this time I decided I was going to eat them! I ended up buying the chicken nuggets and a double cheeseburger, just in case I was still hunger afterwards. I hope you enjoy watching me stuff myself, because I certainty enjoyed it!

Come watch =)
More Cherries!

Pre- and Post-Thanksgiving Feast Belly Measure (And Black Friday Deals!)

Another Thanksgiving (literally) under my belt, and I’m still stuffed! I thought it would be fun this year to measure my stuffing in real data, so I decided to take some before and after-feasting measurements of my huge belly. I have to tell you, I knew there’d be a difference, but I didn’t know it would be THIS ridiculous. The results are truly astounding! I think I need to feast like this more often. Already planning my Christmas smorgasbord!

Plus, for today and tomorrow only, select clips have been marked down! Come take a look!

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JUICY JACQULYN *is* Totally Beachin’

A day at the beach is always a great time, but it's hard not to have even more fun when you look all around, and realize that you are the absolute fattest person on the whole beach! I was definitely turning heads that day as I waddled around in my incredibly tight bathing suit, that was clinging to my fat body for dear life. Now if only I had someone to help rub sunscreen all over me! It's a pretty big job ;)


Flattened and smothered by Charlotte Russell’s massive hips &amp; jelly ass

Don't miss the premier of brand new model Charlotte Russell on this week. This pear shaped Diva is tired of her agent loafing about and never getting her any auditions. She wants to be a big star with legions of fans! So she decides to punish him by dropping her 350 lbs on him hard, making him grunt in pain and forcing the breath from his body. When he starts to complain, she plants her massive, jiggling ass right on his face, bouncing and grinding for good measure. She even crushes his face between her gigantic thunder thighs. cutting off all his air and making him gasp for breath. Great video footage with plenty of full weight butt drops, bouncing, and smothering. Guess the spotlight is on her after all! Drop by the site and check out this hot new pear. Rockin' your fat fetish world, REDhottie

Big Cutie Summer 16min HD Video update, Sweet Stuffing

If you like to see a giant fatty prepping for a feast, and then stuffing her face with extra desserts then you should definitely check out my latest video update! I also have posted some pics on my member's only blog of the in between feast!

Here is the link to my current video preview:




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p.s. There is also another update that I forgot to tell everyone about (Happy Hearts!), so if you haven't stopped by recently you may have missed out on me in some awesome pajamas (with hearts on them, of course!)! You can find that update over here,

Big Cutie Lyla – Devouring Donuts ;)

Every girl needs her time to relax... and what I tend to find myself doing is relaxing, with my tummy out, and stuffing my face full of fattening treats ;) What better way to start off your day then tons of fattening, delicious donuts? :) I just can't get enough and even when my tummy starts to get full and I feel like I can't eat another bite, I keep going because I know those donuts are going straight to my body in the form of sexy, new fat ;) So, I hope you guys don't mind if I decide to be a bit naughty and munch on these fattening delights. Trust me, I like to watch my figure.. watch it grow! hehe ;) My only hope is that I will let myself go enough that this $x dress doesn't even fit me anymore. I really hope you all enjoy my latest set though, and let me know if you think I should keep right on stuffing my chubby self ;)

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

BigCutie Stephenie :: Blue Belle

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I can't WAIT to eat! Here's a little something extra to be thankful for ;) I love horizontal stripes and the way they flatter my shape...this dress is no exception. I'm finding more and more that strapless is the way to go, since my arms are only getting bigger and more difficult to squeeze into things! And speaking of squeezing into things...this chair was NOT made for these hips. WHEW!

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S’more Please!

With the weather cooling off and the nights getting longer I've been craving all of the wonderful treats this season has to offer, hot cocoa, popcorn, and especially S'mores.  I finally decided to get my fire pit out of summer storage so that I could indulge in one of my favorite campfire treats.  Come and hang out with me while I make gooey sandwich after gooey sandwich of graham cracker, marshmallow and yummy yummy chocolate!  Warning, things get a little messy.  :p

<3 BoBerry

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Black, White and Gorgeous all over!!!

Just updated at is a retro set of very hot photos of me in some very small lingerie.  I loved this set but as you can see it was way too small on me back then, just imagine how tiny it would be on me today!  I am updating this set of pictures so you can see just how tiny I was before indulging in a huge THANKSGIVING dinner.  So come on over to and enjoy these hot and hungry images!!!

Bettie Rocker’s gigantic, sun splashed curves in the pool!

Don't miss our update this week of Bettie Rocker's tight bikini gallery at . Bettie loves the water, even though her bikini seems to be getting a little too tight, so of course she had a good time flashing her massive ass and huge tits in this shoot. Greta video too, where you can watch her have fun in the water, and even make ripples and waves with her enormous, fleshy belly. Redhot Phatgirlz, it's the place to be for the hottest BBW content. Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ Dark Alice ;)

"After waddling in pursuit of the white rabbit I arrived at a problem. As I realised that my big belly and broad ass would struggle to fit in the rabbit hole, if it would fit at all "

In this weeks set I'm dressed as dark alice. I have the black dress, white pinafore, black and white stripey socks, black bow in my hair, white lace gloves and my pocket watch necklace. I loved posing around in the dress and giving you guys a sneak peak up it I love wearing dresses and wish to wear more! In the video I stop chasing the rabbit to have a drink but whatever I drunk it starts to make my belly expand and I need to get out my clothes fast!

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baby oiled!!!!

Hello Lover,

I got a request to do another Baby Oil shoot

Seems that a member loved my First one (update #294) and wanted to see me covered again

Well you all know I love requests!!!!

so here you go baby Im dripping in Baby Oil from Head to Toe


everywhere in between is completley drenched (not just from the oil)

It feels so good being all slippery and shiny mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

cum enjoy it with me I got plenty left

157 dripping wet photos!!!



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Big Cutie Luscious- Lotion &amp; Lace

I love rubbing lotion all over my extra plump body and feeling all my rolls and curves. They're so soft and jiggly! My belly takes the longest to lotion up because of how big it is. :P

Sometimes, I wish I had someone to rub lotion all over my body for me. That would feel so nice!!

Especially a guy with big strong hands. Anyone up for the job?

Luscious XOXO

Massive mounds of sudsy, soapy fun… Lolla Blaze’s gigantic curves in the showe

Come join Lolla for some sexy shower fun this week at and get some awesome views of her soaped up curves. Those massive, squishy curves look so good all wet and glistening. Join Redhot Phatgirlz and get lots of exclusive content of Lolla Blaze, as well as dozens of other big sexy babes. We've got the beautiful BBWs you crave, in the shots you want to see. It's quality BBW adult entertainment for the discriminating fat admirer. Rockin' your world, REDhottie

(Still kinda) Autumn Ash

Winter is coming, but I'm going to keep holding on to the memory of pretty weather with a few more outside sets! In this one, I'm flashing a little (ok, a lot) of skin. I think I'm a little bit of an exhibitionist!

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Luscious Amazon shows off her gains…and her outgrown clothes!

No way her ample belly and expanding waistline are going to fit in these shorts anymore. Watch as she tries on items that are no longer fitting at , and shows off her bigger figure in a great set and video for fans of weight gain. Her huge hips and growing belly mean it's time for some new clothes in bigger sizes. This beautiful gainer has put on nearly 100 lbs since she started a few years ago. Check out all the fat fetish fun we have for you at SSBBWs Gone Wild. These bulging beauties are off the chain! Kisses and licks, REDhottie

*Big Cutie Bonnie-Tubby Tiger Lilly*

Last year during the summer I did some of my first ever sets outside.
I couldn't go this summer because I was too busy but I finally managed to find time recently, but unfortunately it has been A LOT colder!
One of my previous sets I did outside, I squeezed myself in between two trees but it wasn't too much of a tight squeeze for me back then.
I wanted to wait a year after that first set and see the difference of how tightly my belly and arse were squashed against the same trees.
Lol, at first I couldn't even manage to get between them!
I struggled with both trees, all my fat jiggling everywhere, it was so exciting and fucking super hot!!
I can't wait to try another year later, I wonder how hard it will be then? ;)

Bonnie x0x0x

Luscious Amazon is too big for a lot of her lingerie!

 And she should be, this bottom heavy beauty has put on nearly 100 lbs since she first started gaining. We've got a great set of her trying on some things that used to fit at so you can see just how big she's getting. There's some great video of her wiggling and squirming her huge, squishy body into some of her favorites that she's outgrown, including some jeans that just wont button around her massive belly, and a couple things that won't even go up past her enormous thighs! At SSBBWs Gone Wild, we make your fat fantasies come true! Rockin' your fetish world, REDhottie

It’s gameday, and Trudy Michelle is stuffing her face with a fattening feast!

Trudy loves to watch her favorite team play, and what goes better on game night than pizza and wings? You get to watch Trudy devour pizza, wings and cheese sticks at as her belly bulges out of her tiny top and tight panties. There's even an eating video where you see Trudy talk about her favorite team while she eats, and rubs her massive, full belly and soft rolls to make room for all that food! Rockin' your FA world, REDhottie

~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Pretty Pink Little Growing Girl

Don't let the innocent pink bow fool you - my wickedness is plain to see, as it's evident all over my growing body! I am *so* happy with all of my new weight...the way it's made me bigger, more swollen, heavier, belly is so full and soft and beautiful now, and I just can't help but grab and shake, move and show off my new fatter, bigger body for you after my recent gain! <3

Watch as I strip out of my sweater and tight, clinging shirt, only to reveal my beautiful gaining body in gorgeous pink lingerie - look at how my body plumps and swells beneath my bra and panties - I fill them out just beautifully...

Belly, legs, ass, and arms ~ I make sure to show you just how big and beautiful I am getting...

New 7 minute video up only at!

KISS! <3

Big Cutie Lyla – Pudgy and Pigtails ;)

Hey guys! :) So I am very happy to show you all my newest update, where I wear a lingerie I have used in a couple prior sets... it is so sexy to see the difference between when I first used this lingerie in earlier sets. Well the only thing sexier is to feel the difference and how I have been such a naughty piggy ;) All of you who have checked out my latest blog know how much I weigh now, and yes I am loving it and wanted to gain much more!! I think that these lingerie look much better on pudgy, super sized girls like myself and I want to know what you all think about my outfit ;) Check me out as I am looking pretty and trim (errr I mean overflowing with sexy, soft fat). Check out this young looking pigtailed beauty as I show off just how young, frisky, and overwhelming fat I am, hehe ;) I really hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think, I love feedback from my fans! :D

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Loves and noms always,

Lyla :)

Big Cutie Trysta ~ Wide in Watercolors

I’m showing off my new custom dress, and more importantly, showing off what’s underneath it! I’m peeking out of my dress and my belly is poking out of my colorful panties. Then you can join me while I enjoy an icy, messy treat! Mmhmm ….yum!

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Carmella Bombshell: SUPERSIZED IN A MINI!!!

Hi everyone!!!!
Carmella Bombshell here squeezing all of my fluffy body in my new set "Supersized in a Mini!!!" Would you like to know how I shimmy out of my skimpy outfit? Join today as a NEW/RECURRING member and help me peel out of my yummy clothing...... MUAH! I'll be waiting for you......

Carmella Bombshell?


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PorcelainBBW ~ Vavavoombbw ~ Bbw Babydoll

Come see me in a casual photo set this week. I'm wearing a lovely flowery dress. In this weeks video I was excited to get a fan package. It was sent from a fan who is interested in helping me gain. It was a large box full of goodies

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BigCutie Stephenie :: Donut Delight

I will do just about anything for donuts with lots of cream in the middle and an iced latte. I make a trip to Dunkin at least once a week and I'd go more often if I could. It's so hot, to me, that I eat more calories than a lot of people do in a day, in a single snack. Find out exactly how many calories and grams of fat I eat, of fried dough and sugar, inside!

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BigCutie Ellie ~ Hi-Rise Hottie!!

I love visiting new places and staying in a high rise it is sooo much fun! There are so many tall windows and the view is fantastic. I slipped into a way too tight bra and some ruffled panties that you can barely tell are ruffled, because they are stretched to the max to take a few photos for you!

Big Squishy Fat Girl Hugs,

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Too Tight Tights

Hi!  I bought a bunch of these colorful tights more than a year ago but stuck them in a box and totally forgot about them.  I just found them again and decided to see how they fit now that I've put on a few more pounds.  Getting them on was a major struggle!!  Watch this video to see me wiggle, jiggle and stuff my giant legs into these too tight tights.  I thought they looked pretty cute once they were on….until they ripped.  :blush:

<3 BoBerry

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BigCutie CALLIE: Heavy-Weight Workout

There is a common misconception out there that fat people are are not very flexible. Well I'm here to say that isn't always the case! I  may have a very large belly and dimpled thighs and I may have more then a lil wiggle when I walk, but I can still reach my toes no problem! Sure I get a lil winded walking up the stairs and I will not be winning any marathons anytime soon, but I still like to keep myself active when I can. Come take a look at me stretching and flexing, and to really see me in action be sure to watch my exclusive HD video, complete with JUMPING JACKS! Oh man does my belly jiggle!

To Perfect Days and Loving Ways,

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BigCutie Cherries – Snug Sweater

It's finally Fall, and I couldn't be happier! I absolutely love this season and everything about it. Especially the fact that it's perfect sweater and boot weather. So what better way to celebrate that it's finally fall then to put on one of my snug sweaters and go for a walk!

Also make sure you watch the video, it's a good one of me goofing off and being my normal, dorky self!
More Cherries!

~BigCutie MizzPuss in Crimson Beauty~

It’s just me and you. And all I have on is a pair of high heels and a sweet smile. I want to be pampered. I want you to treat me like your goddess. I’ve started my pamper session early with incredibly soft satin sheets in my favourite colour, red! I love how bold the colour is against my pale expansive body. And they feel amazing against my soft, smooth flesh. The sensation is just indescribably exhilarating. It’s getting me all excited. I can’t help but roll around and revel in the tantalizing sensation of it all. I smile because I can feel your eyes all over my huge majestic body. Drinking in the view from head to toe. And all the while you're wishing that red sheet would just fall and completely expose me to your hungry senses? Well then, you will just love the accompanying video to this set!

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