~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Is Gaining Again!!!

Hello all my lovely darlings! ^_^ I am so so happy to announce that I am, in fact, GAINING weight again! I have updated two lovely, sexy videos on www.PlumpPrincess.com focusing on my new weight gain - I know, I'm excited about this something fierce, too! <3

"Gaining Again!" is a 7 minute video where I discuss the weight I lost over the past year - the rumours surrounding it, what really happened and why, etc. Then, onto happier, sexier news - that I am gaining again! Make sure you watch this video as I talk all about my new, growing body and my plans for current and future weight-gain.

"My New Gaining Body"
is a 5 minute video filled with fat talk, gaining talk, talk about my growing body and what I love about it, how heavy it feels, how big and swollen I am getting, my new eating habits, etc. ;) I also show off my new big, fat gaining belly and body - grabbing and shaking my big growing belly, slapping and clapping my huge-as-ever thighs and legs...such a sexy, wicked, naughty little video I know all of you are going to just *love*.

And I know this because I am so, so in love with my new body - I missed being this big, and I couldn't be a happier girl knowing that I am growing and gaining again.

Oh, how I've missed being a growing girl...

Two new "Gaining Again!" videos up only at www.PlumpPrincess.com!