~???PLUMP PRINCESS???~ Pretty Pink Little Growing Girl

Don't let the innocent pink bow fool you - my wickedness is plain to see, as it's evident all over my growing body! I am *so* happy with all of my new weight...the way it's made me bigger, more swollen, heavier, softer...my belly is so full and soft and beautiful now, and I just can't help but grab and shake, move and show off my new fatter, bigger body for you after my recent gain! <3

Watch as I strip out of my sweater and tight, clinging shirt, only to reveal my beautiful gaining body in gorgeous pink lingerie - look at how my body plumps and swells beneath my bra and panties - I fill them out just beautifully...

Belly, legs, ass, and arms ~ I make sure to show you just how big and beautiful I am getting...

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KISS! <3