*Big Cutie Bonnie-Tubby in Tiny Clothes*

So, I was going through my wardrobe at home and I found some very old clothes that I used to wear when I was 18/19 years old. I used to be a size 8/10/12 UK (I have always been heavy bottomed so the sizes on my legs and arse would vary!)
The dresses I found were all a very tight squeeze but I managed to struggle my way into them but maybe tearing them slightly!
My favourite part of the video is when I found my old american vest (that barely fit!) and my tiny size 10 hot pants!
I used to wear these all the time in the summer as a teenager and they used to fit me perfectly!
But now, when I try them on they won't even go past my knees, my knees are fatter than my thighs used to be haha :D
I find that so hot and sexy imagining I have gained that much, I can't wait until next year when hopefully they won't go past my ankles ;)



bonnie x0x0x0x