Big Cutie Lyla – Squishing Fest Fatty ;)

You have all seen my gain throughout the years and I appreciate all of you how have followed my journey, so as a special request from many fans I decided to do a series of squishing pictures for my blog so that you could all see my loads of sexy fat and curves squishing a fan, who could very well be you ;) I get all sorts of angles of pics in this sexy blog post that makes me want to go knocking on people's houses and keep squishin' some more! ;) Check me out in this 4x leather corset (and out of it) hehe, with squishing delights that you can more than just fantasize now ;) Bigcutie Lyla is a squisher and she's out to get you ;) The pic below is me getting ready to get down to business, and all other squishing pictures are on my member's blog for your viewing interest... I really hope you all enjoy, I know you will ;)

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Lyla :)