‘Ironman’ gets a taste of Lolla Blaze’s crushing 400+lbs of booty blubber!

Great new facesitting set with Lolla Blaze this week at www.ssbbwsgonewild.com as Lolla meets 'Ironman'. She heard he's a pretty tough guy who can take an impressive amount of weight, so she sets out to break him in Lolla style. She pounds his chest and face with crushing butt drops, making him groan and grunt with pain. The she settles her full weight right on his face, bouncing and grinding her massive ass around til he is gasping for breath. Still he dosen't tap out, so she's rather impressed and decides to settle down on him and get comfy. 14 minute mini movie with lots of full weight butt drops, and aggressive facesitting & grinding. SSBBWs Gone Wild... it's your fat fetish fantasies come true! Rockin' your world, REDhottie