*Big Cutie Bonnie-Button Popping Pizza Party*

Hi everyone

I stuffed myself with two pizzas in this latest update and I began to feel a little full after when I had almost finished the second one, but I know if had a third pizza with me I would have gobbled it up!
I felt so full and sexy after and I became so excited to see how much bigger my belly appeared after all the food! It was so hot and next time I will eat more, so I can make it much bigger!!
During the video, I thought I would try on the striped shirt that I wore for the ‘Stuffed in and Straining’ set, and I couldn't believe how much tighter it had become in only a couple of months!!  I could barely button it up over my boobs and couldn't even get it passed my fat hips, although I tried to pull it down as much as I could, with all my fat straining against the material and bulging out at the gaps between the buttons, but I couldn't do it!
Then, all of a sudden when I was sitting down a button broke off and flew across my room!! I was so happy and excited because this proves to me I have gained a considerable amount since I last wore this shirt. It was so hot and sexy and I can’t wait until I manage to break all the buttons on that shirt. ;)



Bonnie x0x0x